For the fourth time in my life, I will be moving in the next month and a half.  Not too far from my current home, so for any of my friends who come across this, don’t worry.  Times are tough, and to try and save some money, my family is combining business and residence into one building.  Hopefully, with some subdivision, it will turn in to a profit making venture, and more so once they decide to retire.  For my family, it’ll be newer, since we last moved nine years ago.  For me, it’ll just be a bigger version of my semesterly move to college.

Every once in a while, I’ll highlight the trials and tribulations of moving.  Today was “get ready for new carpet day” day.  We’ll be replacing the carpets upstairs, which are pretty old, and were here when we moved in.  So, up the old carpets went, where they’ll be replaced with new ones this week.

It was not so fun to have to move most of my stuff out of the room.  Still, I guess better to do it now than wait to get it all downstairs closer to moving day.  At least now half the job is done.

The first casualty of moving was my desk.  Actually, the carpet was the first, the desk the second.  Still, it was been a good desk.  It moved with me from my first house, so it was with me for some time.

Anyway, more to come in coming weeks…

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