The Moving Chronicles: Long Time, No Update

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Wow!  Almost four months since I last updated this series.  Back on July 31, we had just bought the new building and I was talking about having to pack everything in order to move it.

That was three months and 22 days ago.  Back then, our house had been on the market for a little while.  Fast forward to now: it sold late last month.  Since then we’ve gradually been moving, but have had to pick up the pace in the past couple weeks because the closing is next week.

I’d estimate that about 98% of the major stuff is out of the house.  What’s left are some clothes, remainaing dishes, other odds and ends, and the big beds and couches.  If you didn’t catch what that means, well it means that we’re now living in the new house!

The mattresses were moved over today, and my parents have their bed setup, since it’s a frame bed, unlike my heavy captain’s bed.  So, I’ll be sleeping on a mattress for the next two nights.  It sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, we’re practically moved in, and even the cable is on (or I wouldn’t be posting this).  That means this series, which I had intended to be much larger, is drawing to an end.  I’ll be making one final post on Monday or shortly thereafter with some closing thoughts on the process.

Now off to sleep for a busy day tomorrow.


Moving Chronicles: Packing A Whole Store in Two Days

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Back again with the Moving Chronicles.  This time why packing my dad’s store in two days is going to be interesting.

Basically, this morning I arrive there, and he’s talking to a guy who owns a moving company.  He got a pretty good deal on a job…for Saturday morning.  Long story short, the next two days will be more or less devoted to packing, packing, and more packing.

Which will suck, because we originally envisioned a longer amount of time to do the job; time used to sort out the old and keep only what we need.  Now we pretty much just have to pack everything up and sort it afterward.

On the flip side, at least everything will be in the store on Monday morning…albeit mostly in boxes.

Time to get to bed so we can start bright and early!


The Moving Chronicles: Keeping Clean for Showings

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Overall, I try to keep my areas neat and clean.  I’ve had varying levels of success doing it at home, but at college, I was actually pretty generally clean.  At the very least, people could always come to my dorm room without having to walk in a pigsty.  I’ve had roommates with rooms that were barely walkable.  It started out as a common courtesy when I shared a room in my Freshman year, and simply continued on after I got my own room.  In part, most of help I had was from having a good clothes hamper.  At home, I sometimes have it, and sometimes not.  That’s a weak argument, but there it is.

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Moving House

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For the fourth time in my life, I will be moving in the next month and a half.  Not too far from my current home, so for any of my friends who come across this, don’t worry.  Times are tough, and to try and save some money, my family is combining business and residence into one building.  Hopefully, with some subdivision, it will turn in to a profit making venture, and more so once they decide to retire.  For my family, it’ll be newer, since we last moved nine years ago.  For me, it’ll just be a bigger version of my semesterly move to college.

Every once in a while, I’ll highlight the trials and tribulations of moving.  Today was “get ready for new carpet day” day.  We’ll be replacing the carpets upstairs, which are pretty old, and were here when we moved in.  So, up the old carpets went, where they’ll be replaced with new ones this week.

It was not so fun to have to move most of my stuff out of the room.  Still, I guess better to do it now than wait to get it all downstairs closer to moving day.  At least now half the job is done.

The first casualty of moving was my desk.  Actually, the carpet was the first, the desk the second.  Still, it was been a good desk.  It moved with me from my first house, so it was with me for some time.

Anyway, more to come in coming weeks…