Video Redux?

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As anyone who reads here knows, almost a year ago, I stopped uploading the home-made Dymersion Video episodes.  Thereafter, I uploaded a couple editorials I did for my college’s newscast.  Then I stopped doing it altogether.

I made no excuses for my actions.  I stopped doing it mainly because I was lazy, and also it was a bit difficult to set it up week after week, and sometimes I had no tapes.  But, no excuses.  I was committed to it, and I didn’t carry it on.

Well, what I did carry on doing was the editorials.  I did one roughly every couple weeks until I graduated in May.  Doing them, in combination with a speech class I took, gave me a lot of experience.  When I first started Dymersion Video, I rarely had a topic that wasn’t decided the same say, or maybe the day before.  Sometimes, I did the videos only after seeing something of interest.  Doing the editorials taught me it needed more planning.  I had known this kind of thing from doing news packages for several years prior to DV, but I thought it’d be easy to do it impromptu.

Well, I don’t do so well speaking impromptu.  I’m just not that kind of guy.  I need some kind of structure as to what I’m going to say before I say it.  So, the new Dymersion Video episodes will be based on what’s happened during the week.  I’ll look at some of the important issues of the week, and make an agenda.  I also learned during the editorials that I also don’t do well speaking off a teleprompter (though I started to get the hang of it), so the episodes will only be planned, not scripted.  If there’s something going on that day that’s important enough, it’ll get added, but mostly, it’ll be things going on that week.

I’m excited to begin doing it again, because to be frank, Dymersion’s gotten a little blah since I started at Poligazette.  Most of my meaty work is there now, and since it can often take a long time to research those posts, I don’t end up having much energy to do it here.  So, I think the video show, along with a possible radio show I have planned, can bring in some new meaty content to replace what’s now mainly at Poligazette.

There will always, of course, be a place for good ‘ol writing at this site.  Since my fanboying of the Libertarian Party and other third parties probably isn’t that interesting to those besides me, a lot of that will stay here.  I’d also like the chance to get going with some old Dymersion Creative materials I’ve kind of left by the wayside, including “The Regime”.

So, I look forward to really reinvigorating this place.  Since, while it’s still primarily for my health and sanity, I hope to have people come here to enjoy it as well.


Dymersion Video: WGA Strike

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Coming to you once again in quasi-professional style from my school’s TV studio, in this week’s episode of Dymersion Video, I discuss the WGA strike, what might ultimately bring both sides back to negotiations, and what both sides might get out of it all.

P.S. Two days after I presented this editorial live on the air of the campus station, the writers announced they’re going back to the negotiating table. The last time I gave an editorial, about Congress and the President, the President vetoed the water projects bill a day afterward. I don’t know if it’s intuition that these things are going to happen soon that makes me write editorials about them, or what, haha.


Dymersion Video: From the Studio

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In this week’s episode of Dymersion Video, I go quasi-professional. Coming to you from my school’s TV studio, I present an editorial on the inability of Congress and the President to make this country better.

By the way, sorry for sounding so monotone and kind of boring.  Consider that it’s like my second time on camera in a TV studio, having to read from a teleprompter.  I plan on doing this again, and hopefully next time I’ll be better.


Dymersion Video: Debate Questions

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In this week’s Dymersion Video, I put together my questions for next month’s CNN/YouTube Republican Debate. I also make some brief comments on the wildfire disaster in Southern California. If you want to skip the California stuff, you can see the individual questions on my YouTube channel.

Just had a thought…I’m pretty sure McCain and Ron Paul will be in this one, but does anyone even know if Romney has agreed to it?  If not, I’ll have to remove that one.


Dymersion Video: The Art of Killing

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 In this episode of Dymersion Video, I talk about an artist who, for his latest creation, caused the suffering of an innocent animal in the name of “art.”

The video still has some problems, but it’s not nearly as bad as when I was trying to capture it on Friday.  So, bear with it, and it’ll sort itself out several seconds afterward.

I still do plan to make this week’s episode a series of questions I’ll be submitting for the CNN/YouTube Republican Debate.


Dymersion Video: The Mistakes of Lord Voldemort

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In this week’s Dymerison Video episode, I analyze where I feel the Harry Potter series’ Lord Voldemort made fatal mistakes in his attempt to kill Harry Potter.  This one turned out to be longer than normal, so it’s split up into three parts because of YouTube’s time limit restrictions.  BEWARE OF SPOILERS FROM BOOK 7!


Dymersion Video: Ahmadinejad Visit

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In this week’s Dymersion Video, I talk about the visit to the U.S. of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and respond to some of the statements he made at Columbia University and the U.N.


Dymersion Video: Following O.J.

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I’m following the O.J. case, like everyone, and noticed something as I was flipping the channels. The cable news networks was literally following him around as he left jail today. I made a quick Dymersion Video entry about it, which is currently processing over @ YouTube, so I’ll add it in to here later.

Update 9/19/07 9:33pm – Here it is:


Dymersion Video

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Well, here it is, at very last.  For this week, I’ll only introduce it.  Mayyybe an actual content-filled video by the end of this week, but no promises.