Happy New Year!

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Whilst it’s still a few hours away for me, I’d like to wish anyone who comes across this blog a Happy New Year, and well wishes for 2006. I’m aiming to get a bit more work done on the templates tonight, so hopefully the blog will look a bit different shortly into 2006.

Have a good night!


Extreme Audio Board

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Extreme Audio Board

This is the audio board that my cousin (Second cousin? Great cousin? Something like that) uses when working with well known (and some not as well known) music artists. The story behind the picture is that my mom’s cousin went to California for Christmas. Her brother works for the Universal (as in Universal Studios) Music Group. Or, well, he used to anyway. Not sure if he still does. Anyway, he also has his own studio, which is what I believe the picture is showing. There are others, and I’ll upload some later. In addition, he was a project manager for a five-and-a-half million dollar club, which I also have some pictures of. The real reason I posted this, however, is to test the QuickImagePost plugin.
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LiveJournal Authentication Added

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I thought I would update on Dymersion development. In addition to spending far too much time editing the layout of this blog last night (and getting too little done), I’ve added LiveJournal authentication to the comment section of the article pages. It uses the OpenID system created by LiveJournal founder and SixApart CSA Brad Fitzpatrick (via an add-on by Mark Pasc) to allow you to simply enter your LiveJournal username to authenticate with my blog. I’ve added it primarily for the benefit of my friends, most of who use LJ, but any other LJ user is welcome to use it as well. At least you won’t have to wait for me to approve your comments.


King Kong

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I went out to see King Kong with my mom tonight, and I must say that I thought it was awesome. I’ve read some reviews by people who thought that it was nothing more than a CGI animator’s dreamworld, and that it had no storyline, but I disagree. I’m cutting this because of length, but beware of spoilers.
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Domain Bliss

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At last, I’m able to operate this site under a proper domain. As you might already see, this layout won’t last in its original form forever, so hang tight.