I’ve got it! In my entry from the other day about Chris Shays’ comments about the Foley scandal, I tried coming up with a political catchphrase for the right to use to counter the one oft-used by the left: “When Clinton lied, nobody died…”. I wasn’t able to think of one then, but I think I’ve got one now.

According to something said supposedly said by Foley’s lawyer, Foley had made his emails whilst intoxicated. Well, combining this factoid with the subject behind Shays’ comments, Ted Kennedy’s involvement in the Chappaquiddick incident, and for allegedly having also been intoxicated during that shocking turn of events, here’s my catchphrase. It even rhymes!

At least when Foley was drunk, nobody sunk.

There you go, Republicans, you have a catchphrase now, that sounds just about as stupid as the one by the left. Please be sure to credit me whenever you use it…on the other hand, never mind. This entry will probably already get taken out of context by somebody who thinks I’m actually apologizing for Mark Foley. In any case, you probably don’t want to use it, at least not right now. You can’t really afford to do anything more to hurt your chances of keeping control in Congress.

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