Testing the Crossposter

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So, I’ve decided what to do with this LJ. My paid account runs out in June, and I’ve been debating for some time whether or not to renew my account. Well, the main thing that I liked with paid accounts was the ability to have a subdomain for my blog. Now that everyone has this, however, I think all the incentives have gone away. I don’t use extra icons, and any photos I can host myself. I don’t do voiceposts, and while I use a style that I think only paid users get, I believe it’ll remain when the paid account expires – I just can’t change it, and since the S2 system is so freaking confusing, I never will.

So, what to do? Well, as I’ve shamelessly promoted for some time, I have a main website. I’ve set up ways for you to reply to anything I post (you can just use your LJ URLs to log in), but I don’t want to inconvenience people with an extra step. Thus enter MTLJPOST, a plugin that allows me to mirror everything I post on the site to this blog. That’ll work nicely, as you can still reply here without going anywhere. So, that’s the plan.


Tonight’s Awesome Upsets

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Ok, so “awesome” and “upset” don’t usually work well together, but they define two consecutive NCAA D-1 basketball games from tonight. I didn’t watch any of the Duke and LSU game, so I cannot comment on that.

Western Virginia and Texas were really going at it tonight. 14.7 seconds – the fastest turn over of events I’ve ever seen in any type of game. So, it seemed like Texas had it in the bag. WV was close, but the only way they were going to get it was by getting some free throws, and like one two-shot. So, in an amazing display of tactics in about the last eight seconds, WV scores and amazing three-pointer to tie the score 71 to 71. So, seems like the game is going to go into over-time. But, wait for it…
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That’s Some Brotherly Love

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Via CNNSI: Source Story

Now, I rarely watch football myself, but I found this story being filed in the “awww, ain’t that sweet” section of my brain.

A judge increased jail time from six months to five years for the brother of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Tyrone Carter because he failed to report to prison on time for driving with a revoked license.

Tank Carter, brother of this football player, sacrificed (more of) his freedom to go watch his brother play some big time football, and win! Instead of spending six months in the slammer, Carter now gets to spend five years. Ok, so between the choice of having to watch a family member perform some game or act in a live performance from a prision cell, knowing I could probably congratulate them the next day, or watching them live, and spending four more years behind bars? I think I’d choose the former option. Just my opinion.


Staying Until We’re Done or Just Simply Staying?

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So, our fine President says that we’re in Iraq for the long haul, but how exactly long is a long haul? Long enough to establish a permanent presence there? Well, today I thought I’d review an article I read in my local newspaper yesterday. Note that this isn’t an article I’ve read in any national news source as of yet, so good luck finding it. However, if you’re interested, join me and “Continue Reading” to find out if there’s something we’re just not hearing…
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Solidly Behind the President?

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I was just reading this article on Wisconsin democrat Russ Feingold’s proposal to censure the President, and a certain phrase from our favorite Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Now, I’m not sure if this is being taking out of context, but here goes:

“The American people are solidly behind this president in conducting the war on terror.”

My response? Which America are you speaking of, Mr. Frist? Last time I checked, an increasing number of Americans do not support Bush’s handling of the war on terror. According to this BBC article, his approval rating is currently hovering at 41%, meaning that something is clearly wrong. Or, have you not noticed the people in your own party who are trying to distance themselves from Bush at hopes of actually re-winning their seats in November.

In these situations, I often wonder if the person speaks before they think…


Testing w.bloggar

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And now w.bloggar. I think I like it better, and you can edit posts you haven’t written with it, unlike SharpMT. SharpMT also lets you edit more than one entry at a time, but seriously, I don’t do that. So, w.bloggar it is.


Testing out SharpMT

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Hey, gang. Just testing out a couple different desktop clients for Movable Type, seeing which one I like better. Not much to say, so stay tuned…


Ports, Israel and Mutants

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No, the three really have nothing to do with eachother, although two are close. However, all three have a similar underlying issue: tensions between different groups of people. I’ll start with the Mutant part only to say to click the “Read More” link to read about it. This is so I’m not lobotomized for revealing spoilers (although, a publically released trailer can hardly be a spoiler).

Now on to the ports. I find it absolutely amusing that the Bush administration has been warning us of the oh-so evil Islamic terrorists for four years, and now finds itself shot in the foot with this ports deal. Personally, I don’t think there’s much danger in letting this Dubai state run company take over the operations. After all, they’re currently owned by a British company. The difference appears to be that some of the terrorists had operations there, and more specifically some had money running through Dubai banks. On the other hand, we’ve never actually accused the Dubai government of abhoring terrorists (like we did with Afghanistan), so what exactly is the problem here?

The company management is smart to agree to the 45-day review (like they have much choice if they want to administer the ports), but has anyone actually looked at the management of the DP World closely? Half of them are Americans! That shocked me a bit since DP World is state owned, but it isn’t so surprising with all I’ve read about Dubai becoming a new economic center. Also, on the issue of outsourcing, I’ve also seen some op-ed complaining about the on-going of outsourcing, and how it was so bad that our ports were now being outsourced. HELLO!! Pick up a newspaper, folks. They were already outsourced! I swear, some people need to actually read into things before complaining. Now, I understand that port security is important, and I’m all for making sure terrorist weapons don’t get into the U.S., but isn’t the actually security part remaining in American hands? So, what’s the problem, here?

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