An End

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So, I have indeed decided to end my internship at Channel 3 tomorrow. It’s going to be a bit of a sad thing leaving. I have loved every moment of it, as a whole anyway (there were boring-ass moments and days). Still, I think I’ve done everything I’ve set out to do. I may not have focused on one area (since the area I’d like to focus on is more-or-less off-limits, besides shadowing, to a non-union intern like me), but I think I’ve covered quite a bit. I’ve spent a lot of time on the assignment desk, to be sure. On the other hand, I’ve been out with photographers, learning how they do their thing, learning how the live trucks work, and all that. I’ve been among the engineering people, seeing how they route live feeds, cameras, and other sources. I’ve also done some information look-up for stories. I’ve shadowed and worked a bit with a producer, seeing how they prepare their shows, and have even gotten to write something! And finally, I’ve gotten some insight into how a reporter does their job, though that’s not quite my shtick.

So, tomorrow will be a bit sobering, perhaps, but I’ll have left knowing that I’ve gotten in a little bit of everything, which seems to be the rule of thumb for me. Know something about everything; I think that’s a good rule. After all, if I end up getting into producing someday, I’ll need to know something about everything that’s involved with it. Not only do producers need be creative and tell a story, they also need to know the technical aspects of things. It’s not all, “I want this. Do it.” A good producer should know at least something about how the equipment does what they want. Likewise, I feel that the techie photog/editor need to have a creative side to them, or else their shots and edits are bland and boring. They should be able to tell a story out of what shots they have gotten. So, even if I haven’t been focused more on one thing, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It can be only good to get your hands in at all aspects of production.

Thursday is most definitely on, and as much as it will be a time to go see my friend, and go see Stephen Colbert be funny, it’ll be a bit of celebration for me, perhaps an extended birthday gift to myself. Especially since I took the non-traditional route for my 21st (which I’m not saying is a bad thing).

Now, to bed to be rested for the final day.


Wonky Week

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Went out with a reporter today.  That’s was loads of fun and I definitely learned a lot, and brushed up on what I thought I knew, but was confirmed today.  Won’t go into the details of explaining what happened, as I’ve done it to others already.   I’m seriously thinking of cutting it off Wednesday, the internship that is.  I’ve now done everything I set out to do, and I’ve already been working more hours that I have to for the credits, so it’s not like I’m working up to that and skipping.  Money is an issue, even after my birthday (which rocked).

In any case, Thursday and Friday will be lots of fun.  I’m going to New York City!  Why, you ask?  Besides to visit a friend, I’ll be getting to see The Colbert Report!  I’ve never been in the audience for a show on TV before (or possibly backstage if they’re out of seating – having friends who have friends is the epitome of cool), so it ought to be an interesting experience.  Then maybe we’ll hit the bar or something.  I’ll be staying over for the night, then the next day seeing what progress has been done on the episodes of Expedition the two Adams are editing this summer (yes, still thinking about it even when it’s not the school year).  So, it should be cool.

Keeping it short today, since I’m exhausted.  Getting up at 6am to get to the bus around 7am, then getting there at 8am, and staying until damn near 7pm is tiring.  Have a good day.



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Unfortunately, I only got to see the last 4o minutes or so of the Democratic CNN/YouTube debate. However, I think it was time enough to get an idea of my likes and dislikes.

Likes: The whole idea of using public-submitted videos is important to me, because I feel it may give the candidates a taste of what questions and concerns the American public has, as well as give them something of a say in how the debate is run. Obviously, I won’t delude myself into thinking that they had total control. Still, I think it could have been better for CNN/YT to have perhaps picked, say, the 50 videos they considered the best, then have held a public vote over at YouTube (how they’d figure in multiple votes, I’m not sure, but I know they could have done it). That would have given the people more control over the process.

I thought most of the questions seemed pretty fair, even if I didn’t like some of the answers (Healthcare for illegals? Come now…be realistic) . The only question I thought strange (and others agree) is the assault-rifle toting hick asking about their views on gun control. Come on, CNN. I know you’re liberal leaning, but be responsible here. You could have surely picked someone who asked the same question in a more mature manner, without having to drag out his “baby.”

As for Anderson Cooper, I thought he did a fantastic job in keeping the candidates in line, which is a difficult task at the best of times. By the way, listen up, Senator Dodd. Shame on you for making Connecticut look bad talking out of turn! I know they shafted you on time to speak yet again, but you’re running for President here, not a race to see who could get in the most words before being shushed.

I didn’t see enough of the debate to make fully formed opinions on who won it, though I do think (and know this means little) that Biden and Obama are the most Presidential looking. Sorry, Dodd. I know you’re my home boy, but I somehow can’t see you in the White House. As for the questions they answered, I felt some were well answered, and others not so well. The candidates need to stop spouting off campaign slogans and tell how they feel in plain language. I concede, however, that this is difficult when Cooper gave you so little time.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to comment on something that wasn’t in the debate, but happened during the analysis time afterward. Wolf Blitzer had an interview with Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of John Edwards. What possessed them to do this is beyond me, but they asked her who would do better in womens’ rights – him or Hilary Clinton. Hello! What the hell did you think she was going to say? “Oh yea, that Hilary will do so much better than Johnny Boy!”? She’s the wife of a candidate for President, for cryin’ out loud. Of course she’s going to support Edwards, no matter what her real feelings may be. She wants him in the White House as much as he does. She’s NEVER going to say that Hilary is better on some issue, because that would only hurt him. That said, she did compliment Hilary on her record, which I liked. Very polite on that.

So, I come out of this feeling pretty good, and I look forward to the Republican CNN/YouTube debate on September 17th.


Feeling Justified

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By clicking on the link to see the extended entry, you confirm that you will not murder me for revealing plot details of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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A Star Passes a Milestone

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Exactly twenty-one years ago (to the minute), a new, shining star came into this world and blessed it with his presence.  His arrival upon this earthly plane has brought forth an era of prosperous and joyous living.

Who is this strikingly handsome, intelligent, and most wondrous specimen of the homo sapiens sapiens race?


Twenty-one at long last.  Giving myself the day off from having to write anything of real substance.  For the time being, bask in my glory, and know that all is better because I am here.


The Case for Severus Snape

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On this eve prior to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I am going to make a prediction that will be accepted by some and rejected by others, as all literary theories are. I have no inside information (and want none, therefore I’ll be disabling commenting on this blog from tonight until I get done with the book) and there are no spoilers here. I will have assumed, however, that anyone who reads has the last five books, so don’t go complaining to me if you haven’t. See you on the flip side.

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One Day

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One day until THE best day of my life, which could also turn out to be the saddest, depending on what happens in HP.


Spoilers Should Be Jailed

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Although not unexpected, it would seem as if some people have nothing else to do.  With the imminent release of the final Harry Potter book (coinciding with my birthday no less – 2 days!), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, spoiler kiddies are on the rampage.  People have been going around posting from what seem to be spoilers to entire “scanned” pages of the book.  Now, obviously, some of these spoilers are fake.  However, I’m willing to bet the entire amount of my bank account converted into knuts, sickles, and galleons that some of them are true (good thing my bank account is rather empty right now if I should be wrong).

None of this was unexpected.  With the rise of Harry Potter’s popularity, it’s become something of a target for the few chosen ones who’ve received advance copies of the book (listen up, librarians and book warehouses!).  So, it is not surprising the the final leg of the series would see an upturn in the amount of spoiling, be it real or fake.  Still, this is no reason to spoil something.  Now, I know that such things are common with movies, sometimes with whole portions of spoiler websites dedicated to doing this.  No author/studio/whatever really likes it, and neither do half the viewer/readership.  But this situation is different.  At least with movies, there are usually very large, very colorful font-faced warnings proceeding your entry into a spoiler.

Not with Harry Potter, or at least, not with this book of Harry Potter (though the last one saw its fair share of surprises).  No, here you have idiots going around and posting spoilers when some people may not want to see them, and without warning, too.  They could at least put them in spoiler tags, or have a warning, but no.  They think it’s sooo funny to going around and ruin a person’s experience.  I have no problem if someone wants to read spoilers.  That’s their right, they can do it if they want.  Even I am sometimes tempted by them, and yes, I do give in, I admit it.  But, in those times, it’s been by my choice to read it.  For the most part, reasonable people have been posting anything they think might be a spoiler with proper methods.  But, once in a while you have an asshole.

I do feel bad for staff member of websites who may be HP fans (I know, I’m one of them), especially with those containing forums , because it is their job to moderate, and they may be forced to see it (especially on smaller sites).  I know that around the time of the last book’s release, one of’s Chamber of Secrets forum admins got real spoiled (think it might of had to do with Dumbledore dying, as that was a big one going around then).  So, they saw it when they didn’t want to see it.

So far, I haven’t gotten any surprises (thump on wood).  However, unfortunately, even forums that I thought might have been safe may no longer be as such.  So, it goes to say that for the next three to four days, I’m treating any Harry Potter forum or topic like it contains the plague.  Not…touching…it.  And though my little voice will probably be unheard, I plea to anybody who would spoil the Potter series, I’d rather you not.  Though, that goes against what I said, so I say to the minority who’d ruin it for those of us who don’t want to know, don’t go posting surprise spoilers.  It’s rude, and inconsiderate.  You should get a life, get a girl/boyfriend, and do something else.

Well, there it is.  Let the final countdown begin…


Unemployed and Unhappy

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So, I suppose a lot of it is my fault, but if some of these places would ever call for an interview (and yes, I’ve been a good boy and done the week-after followup after sending in an app), I might have a summer job right now. See, I’m not looking for particularly skilled work. For a summer gig, I’d be happy doing cashier, or stocking, or something of that sort. Yet, it seems that every place I’ve applied to will not call me! Take this, for example:

There’s a new gas station in town (friends from town – it’s on Adams Street). The sign says they’re hiring, so I apply. I call back a couple time, and every time it seems like the manager hasn’t looked at the applications yet! What are they playing at? If you say you’re hiring, actually start doing it. I’d understand if I didn’t get the job because I don’t qualify or something, but at least call within a respectable amount of time.  Then again, come on, how hard can it be to cashier or stock a gas station convenience store?

Another example: Ocean State Job Lot. They have a sign saying they’re hiring, so I go in to apply. One of the customer service people tells me that the manager just ended hiring, but invites me to fill out an application, which I do. Well, I thought then that they should have taken down the sign pronto, and I still do. Why? Because it’s still up there! Just went back with the family this weekend, and it was still there.

Finally, I’ve had three interviews so far, two at Circuit City (after which the manager said they couldn’t just hire for the summer – why did I waste my mom’s gas going for the second interview?) , and one at Barnes & Noble in the mall. Well, the B&N manager seems to have a rather erratic schedule, since it took me nearly two weeks after the interview to find out they’d hired somebody since my interview. Whenever I called, she wasn’t in for some reason or another, or had just left for the day. Ugh. Would have liked to work there, too, especially with the upcoming Harry Potter release! Oh, well. Now I can have my pool party on Saturday, at least.

I’d just like for some consistency from the managers. Actually call your applicants for interviews. I guess in defense of the gas station, they might simply have gotten a lot of applicants. Still, like I said, the last time I called, they still hadn’t looked at the applications. I do need to call a couple places again, though my hopes are now not high for getting a job, what with about a month and a half to go until I return to Eastern. If there’s any consolation, though, I think I now know what I’ll have to go through when actually looking for a job in my field.


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