New Years Resolutions

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Well, I figure now is as good as any to put these out there, and start acting on one of them. I have several things I wish to achieve in 2008, such as:

1) Blogging here more! I keep saying it, but I really intend to try. I’d like to be able to get in one a day, even if it’s just an update on my life, or if I see something interesting going on. I have access to this stuff via computer and cell phone, so I really have no excuse.

2) Get good grades. This is probably a universal for all school-going kids, grade or college. I didn’t do so hot in one of my classes this semester, and my work ethic in this one class has effectively destroyed another goal I had. It wasn’t a huge thing, nor will it impede my next resolution, but it would have been nice to include on a resume. I think I’ll get close to it once all is said and done, but I no longer have a chance at it.

3) Graduate. I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble here, and I’m within sight of it. I’m now on the last leg of such a journey, whose destination will arrive in May.

4) Get a full-time job. Something I want to do before #3 arrives is get a decent job. I say decent because I won’t delude myself into thinking it’ll be my dream job (I’m looking at you, History Channel). That reminds me that I need to update my resume a bit, adding on a couple things I’ve done since updating it last. I hope that my next resolution will help with this one, because I want to:

5) Connect in Vegas! Yes, for the second time in my college career, I will be going to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters convention and the Broadcast Education Association convention. They have a job fair there, and while it has not been quite up to snuff in past years, I’m hoping in 2008 is will be awesome. Besides any major companies that might be there, I hope to connect with people in general. I know it’ll come in handy down the road, so why not do it?

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and to those making them, good luck on fulfilling your New Years resolutions!


Christmas 2007

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Merry Christmas to everybody! And if you don’t celebrate it, happy day off!



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Seems like everyone has been going to Disney World in the past few weeks, or is going this week. What’s with that?

That’s all for tonight, because for some reason, I’m dead exhausted again. Not sure why, since I got a decent amount of sleep last night.


Electronic Disappointment

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Though I didn’t exactly find it unexpected, I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of choice in DVD Recorders with Hard Drives. I think the main reason is that DVRs from the cable and satellite companies beat them out, but I still thought there might be more out there.

Phillips has a model out that’s decent, although it lacks an electronic programming guide or an IR Blaster (which changes the channel for you). So, you’re essentially stuck changing the cable box channel yourself.

Then, that’s it. There’s a couple others out there, but they’re either not available or extremely expensive. Panasonic was in the lead for a while with the systems, but then they withdrew from the market. I wasn’t too happy to see that, since they make a great product.

So, I guess the Philips will have to do. I had contemplated going the cable company DVR route, but then my DVD/VCR combo went on the blitz. The VCR went before the semester even began, and then the DVD started going about halfway through. So, I need something to play DVDs. Getting this system will also allow me to record to DVD shows I’d like to keep.

So, I’m off to bed, to wake up tomorrow to go shopping for the one I want.


Merry Christmas

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And I mean it. Not Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas. Don’t like me saying that because you celebrate something else, or just want to be inclusive to others? Tough. Before you yell, hear me out.

I’ve covered this issue before, but I’ll quote what I said then, in case any far-left liberals got the willies off that entry because it included the name Bill O’Reilly.

I think the whole “you must be sensitive to other religions” things as crap. When I say “Merry Christmas,” I mean it in its most secular sense, since I don’t really submit to the whole religion thing. Christmas has become secularized enough that saying that greeting shouldn’t be met with disgust, and I don’t think it does for the majority of Americans. Places like Walmart changing their greeting seem to only happen when a minority complain. On the other hand, I think the idea of a “War on Christmas” is equally as stupid. Yea, some places and people may want to push for a more “sensitive” America, but come on. I’ve already stated that I don’t think most people honestly care. Let the ACLU or whoever else bring it on – newsflash for them: bugger off.

I agree with Dave over at Blogography. I’m not religious, so when I say to you, “Merry Christmas,” I mean, “Enjoy the Christmas holiday however you live it.” That can mean going to church, opening presents, having food, or being with family. Whatever the significance of Christmas is to you, that’s how I mean it. For those who don’t celebrate the holiday, it means, “Enjoy it, because you probably have the day off like the rest of us.” In retrospect, I guess that can go under the first meaning as well, because that’s how people who don’t celebrate Christmas will probably be enjoying it, as an extra vacation day.

So, enjoy the holiday, but to the “we’ve gotta be inclusive” and the “we’ve gotta take back Christmas” sides, forget about it! It’s such a non-issue, so why waste your energy?

That said, Merry Christmas!


Done with Finals

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I don’t know. I guess I did pretty good on most of my finals. Even with the cheatsheet we were allowed, I know I pretty much blew my Macro final, which was to be expected. Hopefully I’ll have done well enough to at least pass the class.

My Native Americans final I was able to study more for, and hopefully I’ll get a B on it like I did my last exam in that class. I’d be much more happy to get a 90 or above, but at this point, I’ll take a B.

I expect nothing more or less for ever person in my Avid Editing class to get an A for our final grade, never mind the final. That’s where I was after midterms, and I honestly don’t expect much to have changed. Our final wasn’t so much a final as it was a final editing session. I should be alright there.

I studied for and had a cheat sheet for my Communication Research final today, and felt the test was rather simple. I had to second guess on a couple, but feel that my second choices ended up being the right ones. This is the test I most feel (even more than Native Americans) that I passed with really good marks.

So, even though I know I did pretty well or really well on the latter three tests, all this week I just had a really dull feeling. I didn’t really want to do them. I studied for, and did them, but didn’t want to. I know nobody ever really wants to take their finals, but I just didn’t like them more than usual this week. I think it’s because I’m just ready to move on in life. I’ve been doing some form of schooling since age three. Pre-school, Head Start, Kindergarten, grades 1-12, and now four years of college. That’s nineteen years of schooling.

I can’t imagine doing any more, which is why, at least for the moment, I have no intention of going for a Masters degree. Besides the fact that I’m not sure it’d really help me for what I want to do, I just don’t want to do any more schooling right now. I’m really ready to move on, and get a job doing what I love. No more classes, no more exams, I just want to do TV production, and get on with my life.
One more semester…



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Why am I so lazy that I can’t take the effort to just come here and post something for each day? For a while, except for one or two days a week, I was really on a roll. I was posting, getting some Dymersion Video content, and making this a place where I could really stretch out and say something.

Then I collapsed into a lull, again. It seems to be somewhat an echo of this semester as a whole. Not completely, but somewhat. I had a couple classes I didn’t really like, and I know I’m going to end up with a bad grade in one of them. So, that’s brought me down a bit.

I guess I can use the busy argument, at least for DV. Between shooting stories, editing them, editing Expedition, producing Expedition, and my class and their associated assignments, it’s been a busy semester. Not to mention work.

Then maybe the reason is that there simply isn’t much to write about. Sure, Pakistan is getting a little saner again, there might be some Middle East peace movement, Bush got whacked with the NIE, but other than that, not an incredible lot that interested me, and not a lot that wasn’t predictable.

I think things will kick up a notch once the primaries start. They’ll lull at first, but I’ll be obligated to do something in early January, when the first one is. After they start happening, though, I’ll be here with a running tally!

My New Year’s resolution is to get Dymersion back in action (again)! Hopefully, it’ll happen.


The Romney vs. Huckabee Battle

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Sorry for not having posted for the last week and a half or so.  Basic laziness is what happened there…

So…I’ve decided that about a month before the first primary is as good a time as any to really start ramping up coverage for next year’s election.  Since I’ve posted last (and definitely since I last posted an election blog post), the Republican tables seemed to have turned.  Although Mr. 9/11 himself still seems to be topping the polls, the talk everywhere seems to have changed, particularly since the CNN/YouTube Republican debate.

Although Rudy still is getting a lot of view about whether he’s actually a Republican (seems to be one about as much as Mike Bloomberg is, which could explain a lot), the big talk for the last week or so is between the religious front runners: Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.  Huckabee was getting some talk before the debate, too, since he was and is doing well in Iowa, a key primary state.

So, after the debate, the battle seems to be amongst who is more Christian.  Both know that they need to appeal to Christians if they want to be voted, particularly in the South and West.  Unfortunately for Romney, I think that Huckabee has a monopoly in a lot of places if it ends up being down to Romney and Huckabee.

Romney’s been quoted as saying that religion shouldn’t matter, but the fact is, it does.  We saw this in 2004, where it was part of getting President Bush re-elected.  There will be a lot of people who won’t vote for Romney due to the mere fact that he’s a Mormon, even if the idea that he follows something a little different making him ineligible to the majority is absurd to me.  To a lot of people, though, it will matter.  They’ll find a certain point of view important, and vote on that.  I’m not going to say today whether I think that’s right, except that people will vote according to their priorities.

On the real political front, though, we know that Huckabee is doing well in Iowa, but where else?  I need to look it up some more, but I think he still has an uphill battle in the political arena, as much as I think Romney has one in the religious one.  Romney’s speech on Thursday may help allay some fears, but who knows.  It could only make things worse for him.  Only time will tell…