Moving Chronicles: Packing A Whole Store in Two Days

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Back again with the Moving Chronicles.  This time why packing my dad’s store in two days is going to be interesting.

Basically, this morning I arrive there, and he’s talking to a guy who owns a moving company.  He got a pretty good deal on a job…for Saturday morning.  Long story short, the next two days will be more or less devoted to packing, packing, and more packing.

Which will suck, because we originally envisioned a longer amount of time to do the job; time used to sort out the old and keep only what we need.  Now we pretty much just have to pack everything up and sort it afterward.

On the flip side, at least everything will be in the store on Monday morning…albeit mostly in boxes.

Time to get to bed so we can start bright and early!


Happy Potter Teaser

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I’ve never before been excited for a Harry Potter movie (as an avid fan of the books), but this may be about to change.  The teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince was released today.

Two words: fucking awesome.

Note: This is a direct link to a quicktime player download for the trailer.  It’s not a virus!


The Sick Middlefield Brother and Sister

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If you get the Courant, it’d today’s top story.  If not, the story is also here.  Basic premise is that a brother and sister from Middlefield left their dead mother’s body to rot in their Middlefield home for eight years, and visited her body bi-yearly for the entire time.  I might have normally written about it, anyway, since its a crazy story in itself, except that there’s a personal component to it.

In December 2005, Diane and John Simmeck Jr., the brother and sister, were portraying themselves as poor and homeless to the congregation of the Church of the Nazarene in Keene, NH.  The family (bro, sis, and mother while still alived) had lived in NH for a few years after the mother divorced her the kid’s father in 1996, so there was a residence connection in NH.

Well, my father’s aunt and uncle (my great-aunt and uncle), the good people that they are, hosted the brother and sister in their home for a year.  My dad’s aunt and uncle are pretty poor themselves, so they essentially ended up being used by the two.  In December 2006, the Simmeck siblings got kicked out of the house because John stole some tools and gutted the house to the point it was structurally unsound.

I knew all about that part of the story, since my family learned about it at Christmas that month.  But nobody knew everything, apparently.

Truth really is sometimes stranger than fiction.


Will Google Video Die?

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As an avid uploader to YouTube during the school year, Google Video was of little interest to me.  I’ve uploaded one video to there, but only because they accept videos that are longer.  Then ten-minute time limit was imposed after I first signed up for YouTube, and thus my first account is grandfathered.  However, when I went to go sign up for TV 22’s account, I found it imposed.  I was a little angry, but worked around it.

So, I was interested to see this article: Why Won’t Google Video Just Die? on

The basic premise is that YouTube might be bringing back longer video times, as its testing it out right now.  I hope they do, since 10 minutes if often not long enough.  And I can see why people don’t like Google Video: no way to collect videos under one user account, so people can see who owns what.


Dymersion Radio Test Update

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Well, the test I did last night over at Blog Talk Radio was a success.  Everything on their end worked perfectly, though I think I need to use a landline next time to get some better sound quality.  I’d try using my microphone if there was a free way to do it.  Fortunately for them, but unfortunately for the rest of us, the only real option I know of for VOIP is Skype, and you have to pay to use them.  I’m not quite willing to pay $0.021 cents a minute with Skype or $2.95 a month.  Not yet, anyway, while I still have a cell phone.  Though I might consider it when I final go solo, since the rate are pretty good.

So, for now, I need to use my landline or cell phone.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if landlines are free to call their number, or if a long distance charge would be associated with it.  I sent them off a question about it, so hopefully I should get a response soon.

The basic premise I have is to not do a show solo, but with one or two other people.  I already have one person I know lined up, and have to ask another person I have in mind if he’d like to do it.  We’ll probably be doing it on a Saturday night, which is actually kind of a crappy time to do it, haha.  But, I have to go by his schedule, so we’ll see how it works.  The show will be primarily political in nature, with coverage of both American and European politics, and also a little of everythin in between.

So, stay tuned.  It ought to be fun.


Dymersion Radio: Barack Obama’s Overseas Tour

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Well, one goal from yesterday’s entry is coming true.  Although it’s official purpose is as a test vehicle for Blog Talk Radio, to make sure my deck is shuffled in terms of the service, I will be using up to 15 minutes tonight to discuss Barack Obama’s trip to the Middle East and Europe this week.  I want to test it as if a show were actually going on, so that’s what I’ll be doing.  If you want to listen to the show, go to this page at 11:30PM EDT (-5 GMT) and click the “Click to Listen” button at 11:30 to tune in!

My goal tonight is to merely test out the service, but if you feel you have something to voice, feel free to call in!  The listener call in number is (347) 945-5945.  However, it may cost money to use via a landline (the help is a little ambiguous on this).  However, they have a “Click to Talk” feature in the host’s profile (above link).  If you have a microphone, plug it in, click the button, and wait patiently!  Unfortunately, it’s only for IE6, which kind of blows, but what’re you going to do?

So, if you want to hear some political talk radio, perhaps albeit with a few “testing 1…2…3″‘s, tune in!


Video Redux?

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As anyone who reads here knows, almost a year ago, I stopped uploading the home-made Dymersion Video episodes.  Thereafter, I uploaded a couple editorials I did for my college’s newscast.  Then I stopped doing it altogether.

I made no excuses for my actions.  I stopped doing it mainly because I was lazy, and also it was a bit difficult to set it up week after week, and sometimes I had no tapes.  But, no excuses.  I was committed to it, and I didn’t carry it on.

Well, what I did carry on doing was the editorials.  I did one roughly every couple weeks until I graduated in May.  Doing them, in combination with a speech class I took, gave me a lot of experience.  When I first started Dymersion Video, I rarely had a topic that wasn’t decided the same say, or maybe the day before.  Sometimes, I did the videos only after seeing something of interest.  Doing the editorials taught me it needed more planning.  I had known this kind of thing from doing news packages for several years prior to DV, but I thought it’d be easy to do it impromptu.

Well, I don’t do so well speaking impromptu.  I’m just not that kind of guy.  I need some kind of structure as to what I’m going to say before I say it.  So, the new Dymersion Video episodes will be based on what’s happened during the week.  I’ll look at some of the important issues of the week, and make an agenda.  I also learned during the editorials that I also don’t do well speaking off a teleprompter (though I started to get the hang of it), so the episodes will only be planned, not scripted.  If there’s something going on that day that’s important enough, it’ll get added, but mostly, it’ll be things going on that week.

I’m excited to begin doing it again, because to be frank, Dymersion’s gotten a little blah since I started at Poligazette.  Most of my meaty work is there now, and since it can often take a long time to research those posts, I don’t end up having much energy to do it here.  So, I think the video show, along with a possible radio show I have planned, can bring in some new meaty content to replace what’s now mainly at Poligazette.

There will always, of course, be a place for good ‘ol writing at this site.  Since my fanboying of the Libertarian Party and other third parties probably isn’t that interesting to those besides me, a lot of that will stay here.  I’d also like the chance to get going with some old Dymersion Creative materials I’ve kind of left by the wayside, including “The Regime”.

So, I look forward to really reinvigorating this place.  Since, while it’s still primarily for my health and sanity, I hope to have people come here to enjoy it as well.


It’s Not Robert Novak’s Week

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Poor Robert Novak really is having a horrible week.  If you don’t remember him, he’s the guy who first released the identity of former CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson.  A well known conservative columnist, here’s an overview of how his week went from bad to worse.

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“Wardrobe Malfunction” Fine Dropped

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The New York Daily News is reported that federal appeals court has dropped the $550,000 fine against CBS for the “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl.

The court found that the FCC fine for the “broadcast of a nine-sixteenths of one second glimpse of a bare female breast” deviated from its nearly 30-year practice of fining broadcast indecency only when it was extremely “pervasive.”

Basically, the FCC made up a new rule after the incident and used it against CBS.  The court said they couldn’t go around making up new rules and then fining people without telling them about the rule first.

I think the ruling is fair, as it never made sense to me.  CBS couldn’t possibly have known about this.  MTV did maybe, but CBS was simply the broadcaster.

It was paternalism at its best.


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